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And who better to be your guide than the I- Heather- the girl who brought you the “Asian Boys Are Better” t-shirt!Believe it or not, there are a lot of girls like me that prefer Asian guys.When they think of an Asian guy, they’re thinking nice hair, lean yet muscular figure and pale skin. Some of the coolest girls I’ve ever met are able to tone down their interests and not let it interfere with their perceptions of Asian guys.All I’m saying is, in the rare instances where you’re hitting on a girl and she can reference more Asian pop-culture or speak more Chinese than you can, be careful.Shoutout to us (insert race here) women because we barely get enough attention!” And it can transform into hate groups directed at other women because Asian Men don’t date them as often.I’m not an anti-interracial person, I just found myself becoming disinterested in websites geared for Asian Man and a specific female. A few revolving Asian Men and Western/White Women, others are Asian Men/ Black Women, Latin(a) Women and ETC.

It’s a very shallow attraction, and any Asian guy could probably do it for her.

Throughout the years, I’ve befriended many of them and seen so many similarities and differences.

They’ve helped me understand my own preference, and I’ve been able to relate to them in ways I can’t relate to other people.

Same thing with Korea because of K(orean) Pop music, and it gotten to the point where I would deliberately try to find Asians online/personally just to mingle and receive the ‘‘ status.

Looking back and realizing how desperate I acted, I felt really embarrassed because I didn’t genuinely care for them as a person, an individual, but more of an object.

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” Suppose I’m being a liberalized person with Utopian thinking, so I apologize.

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