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For general information only — For official course timetables please visit the registration guide. Disclaimer: For more information on prerequisites and exclusions, please visit the Course Calendar.Biological Sciences General Information Program Notes Honours Program BSc with Major Program Pass Program Concurrent BSc/BEd Combined Major Program Biological Sciences and Chemistry Biological Sciences and Geography Biological Sciences and Mathematics Biological Sciences and Psychology Biological Sciences and Earth Sciences Biological Sciences and Physics Minor in Biological Sciences Graduate (MSc, Ph D) Program Description of Courses Prerequisites and Restrictions Chair Douglas Bruce Associate Chair Michael Bidochka Professors Emeriti Alan Bown, Arthur H. Students must consult faculty advisers when planning years 3 and 4 of the BSc (Honours) and BSc with Major programs or year 3 of the BSc (Pass) program.Students must apply to the Department of Biological Sciences in order to be admitted to year 4 (honours).

The Department of Biological Sciences offers opportunities for graduate study leading to a MSc or Ph D degree. Working from the core program, students may follow a variety of curriculum patterns to satisfy their interests. Students move progressively from structured laboratory studies to increasingly independent investigations and in the honours year undertake individual research projects.Prerequisite(s): BIOL 1F90 and CHEM 1F92 or permission of the instructor. #BIOL 2P95 Bioethics (also offered as PHIL 2P95) Value conflicts and moral dilemmas in biology and medicine.Emphasis on specific case studies in reproductive interventions, medical experimentation, concepts of "health" and "disease", modification of behaviour, lifestyle choices, allocation of scarce or expensive medical resources, and death and dying. Prerequisite(s): one BIOL or PHIL credit or permission of the instructor.

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