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The most significant advantage of understanding these phases is recognizing that this is really a process and that at some point you will have peacefulness, serenity and acceptance.At some point the depression, despair, the emotions of being helpless and having no hope will go away entirely or diminish.This is actually the only choice that will cause you to feel better in the long run.Hold it inside and you'll ultimately have problems with depression.Additionally, there's no established time that you must spend in a stage or with the total process for that matter.This is an extremely unique and individual process.Coping with herpes diagnosis naturally leads to great sadness.

Anger indicates acceptance but distress with the genital herpes diagnosis.These stages of emotional trauma have grown to be the platform for learning how to live with genital herpes and coping with a diagnosis.You could possibly move through a number of stages simultaneously although the last stage is acceptance.The bargaining stage is yet another type of denial and entails the hope that one could bargain your way out of the predicament.Creating bargains with God to change your diagnoses in return for such things as; make positive changes to your way of life, to attend church, and so forth.

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My theory is primarily based on the Kubler-Ross model initially introduced by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in the book On Death and Dying that pinpoints five regularly recognized phases of grief -- denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

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