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After a couple of minutes, the song settles into a late period Depeche Mode style–distorted guitars and vocals that sounds not unlike Dave Gahan’s.

By the end, it’s a pretty standard heavy metal chugging guitar (with a simple but interesting solo).

The female voice introduces the piece and the male voice recites the statements .

It;s the most easily understood of all the tracks (the vocals are crystal clear).

When the vocals come in, after 3 minutes, they are distant and tinny, but very clear.

Until about half way through when the voice is heavily distorted until the end.

I have been aware of it through the “doors of perception” quote that created the band name The Doors, but I never had any compelling reason to read it before.

Of course when I first listened to this, I had no idea that it was literally the entire work of Blake’s piece set to music.

Track two, simply called “Plate 3” is a mournful guitar solo which plays behind a woman reciting plate three.

Strangely enough, this plate is split in two parts where Blake references the bible and so Ulver end the spoken part in the middle but keep the ominous music going for the final two minutes of the track.

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The vocals are echoed and distorted and hard to understand.

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