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The affects of divorce remain for many years, but there is life after divorce.

In many ways divorce is more difficult to overcome than the loss of a loved one to death.

Whatever the partner does that might be construed as positive, the spouse discounts as being temporary, done at the instigation of the counselor, or failing to reflect the partner? Conclusions about the relationship provide the backdrop against which the people interpret the next day's interaction." He concludes, "Threatening divorce sets people thinking about the possibility, and what people think about can become a reality.

People pay attention to the negative aspects of their relationship selectively once they begin to think about divorce, and they look for alternatives and selectively focus on the positive aspects of the alternatives." [1] People do not consider the great consequences to all the members of the family when they take the path of divorce as their solution to their problems.

It can be argued that divorce is the best solution for the children of high conflict, aggressive and hostile marriages.

It will enhance your relationship with Jesus Christ on a daily basis.

Complete healing can come to all parties of divorce when they allow the marvelous grace of God to bathe their wounds.

The information that describes the impact of divorce on the family is very discouraging.

always carrying about in our body the dying of the The Impact of Divorce on Families Facts from the Heritage Foundation published in 2000: Social science research reveals that the effects of divorce not only impact a child into adulthood, but they also affect the next generation of children as well.

Children from divorced families drop out of school at twice the rate of children of intact families.

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They will justify in their own minds the right to end the marriage, regardless of the obvious pain it will cause.

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