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It does indeed feature all of the same errors and mixed voices as last year’s game.

Finally, what do we have on tap for the website in 2018?!

Last year’s Ultimate Tenkaichi was a strange entry in the never-ending catalog of games for the Dragon Ball franchise.

After swapping things over, I headed into the game’s tutorial mode to learn each of the attacks, defensive maneuvers, and super moves in one straight go. Make no mistake — Dragon Ball Z for Kinect is simply last year’s Ultimate Tenkaichi (stripped of anything that would conflict with navigating and playing via the Kinect) wrapped into a “new” game.

After feeling accomplished and empowered (and you will definitely want to go through that tutorial to feel even remotely competent), I headed straight into the game’s story mode… There are no graphical improvements or changes that you will notice anywhere throughout the entire game.

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