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Be yourself Don’t feel that you have to be anything other than yourself on your first date - you don’t need to play yourself down.A man who doesn’t feel comfortable with your achievement and lifestyle probably isn’t going to be right for you anyway.

"There isn't a huge difference among European countries, although the cliché is that northern countries are more pragmatic and the southern countries more romantic," Hegmann said.Just firing off a quick message to 50 of your recommended partners is not, however, the route to take.It is important to narrow things down a little first, but a woman should first of all have a careful think about the kind of man she really wants.Eric Hegmann points out that high-powered women often think “It’s got be love at first sight or it’s not worth bothering with”, but that can put you on the wrong track.It is a good idea to maintain contact with several men at one time, but you shouldn’t reject possibilities too readily.

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What will make you really stand out from all those other high-achieving women on Parship?

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