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The important thing to remember is that it returns an array of data. So – this by itself handles the basic operation – hit the server, render the markers.I can take that array, iterate over it, and then simply create a marker for the truck. Whenever I build something I always start off simple and then iteratively update with new functionality.So I have a very large amount of GPS data with latitude and longitude over time and I need to create a live updating movie to show the motion of the patients in real time I need an API for python (I have been searching for hours) that has the ability to show me this on a map. Using python Overlay the images on top of each other, to get the temporal view of the guys position! Google maps has some great qualities for this that I can write a script to loop through, but I doubt that will even work the way I want. Below is going to be an example of a Data Frame with the data. if this is doable with google maps API, please explain where to look, because I have been searching for 2 hours and maybe I am just missing something Naturally there will be some learning involved but here is an idea! Get ghost which is a sort of a light weight headless browser, learn how to connect to and interact with google maps and interact with the fields and forms using ghost (I think this should be very easy for you as ghost is fairly simple to use). place the latitude and longitude in the search part, press enter (all done using ghost in your script) 4).

In this article I’ll share the proof of concept I built that demonstrates this feature. My demo consists of two parts – the client and the server.

Assume we are a local shipping company and our server-side data represents our trucks.

By the way, in case you’re curious where I got that latitude and longitude value, I used this application: i Touch

I’ve been a fan of the Google Map API for some time now.

If you dig beyond the basic “Show a map of X” and really examine the API, it is incredibly powerful.

Search for maps real time updating:

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They have a simple little tool that lets you click on a map and retrieve latitude and longitude points.

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