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This country in Africa, needs a very very big improvement when it comes to treating animals in the right way.

Animal abuse is not just done by the adults but also by the kids and youngsters.

If you take a look at the history of Greece, you’d be able to see how they poison innocent animals, keeping dogs in chains and not feeding them and also tying little chicks in a plastic bag and disposing them off.

Similar to Greece, the people of Romania are also known for their barbaric behavior when it comes to treating animals in the right way.

The Greeks are often called “Barbaric Humans” because of their lack of respect for animals.

The history of Greece itself suggests and promotes animal abuse, the people of Greece have always ill treated animals.

Recently, a 6 year old kid in Egypt had tossed a kitten on the floor and was then caught holding one of the kitten’s legs by a string and then tossing the kitten back and forth to the floor until it died of pain.

The people of Venezuela are also known to chase, whip and slaughter animals such as horses and wild geese.Some of the most common cases registered are of animals seen swimming in their own blood after being killed by the cruel locals of Romania.Some of the most common animal abuses registered here are slaughtering animals, skinning them and also suffocating and beheading of animals.Bulgaria unlike other countries in this list, are well known for their cruel animal torture without any limit.They are know for poisoning stay dogs and cats, decapitating them and also hanging them upside down on trees and bridges.

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When it comes to animal cruelty, Greece can send shivers up your back.

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