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Almahari says, ‘This is Bahrain’s legacy, and the inheritance for future generations.’1 Ancient burial mounds: Considered one of the largest graveyards in the world, 170,000 mounds punctuate the landscape between Hamad Town and A’ali and are a stark reminder of Bahrain’s rich history.

Dating back to around 3000 BC, when the entire human population of the world is estimated to have been only 30 million, the burial mounds predate the Great Pyramid of Giza by five centuries.

Although no one is quite sure which god the temple was erected in honour of, when the Danish expedition in 1954 uncovered it, it was clear that it was of huge historical value.

Mesopotamian in style and dating back to the third millennium BC, the temple has a number of distinctive local characteristics as well as being similar in style to those found in Iraq.

The windfall for Bahrain’s tourism industry, were the country to get a second World Heritage listing, could be substantial.

The mounds remain under threat from property developers.2 Saar digs: Although the exact location of Dilmun, a civilisation referred to in the writings of ancient Iraq, has never been confirmed, Bahrain lays a pretty strong claim to having been one of its focal points.

Not least because the archaeological digs at Saar, which unearthed an entire 100 by 150 metre village, date from that period.

Some of the most impressive mounds can be found near A’ali village and are thought to contain the remains of the Dilmunite royal families.

Although a significant number of the tombs were looted in ancient times, only a small fraction have been properly excavated in the modern age.

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