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The first thing you should do is visit the device’s website and find out exactly what the device or toy will allow your child to do. Check out what other parents are saying by reading product reviews, and make sure to check the reviews on multiple pages (i.e. Also, research whether the connected device has parental controls and learn how to set them.There are a ton of “how to” videos on You Tube that give great detailed descriptions on how to set and use parental controls. If you are making the purchase at an actual store, ask someone in the tech department about the device.If the timeframe is short, remember rush work should always pay a premium rate. Is there a hard deadline by which materials must be delivered? If they won’t bite, mention a broad range and say, “I’ll be able to deliver a more precise project quote once I know more about your needs.” 7. This is the person you’ll spend the most time interacting with, so try to meet them and get a sense of whether you’re compatible. How many people at your company will be involved in this project? A corporate blogging project where you need to generate a dozen ideas a month takes far longer, and should cost more, than one where you’ll be handed a monthly topic list. Also, identifying crappy existing copy opens the door to negotiating additional project work. Will what I’m going to write be used with your existing materials? The more developed your picture of customers, the easier it will be to ‘talk’ to them in your copy. What are the most important problems facing this audience? This is another way of teasing out whether 24/7 communication is expected. Some clients want you to drop everything and work only for them until their project is completed. This question can also bring up whether the client might put you on an ongoing retainer if they like this first project. If my piece will be published online, may I get a credit that’s a live link to my writer site?For instance, if what you’re writing is to be handed out at an upcoming trade show, there won’t be any wiggle room. Many executives or departments on board can mean an ugly scenario in which your work is reviewed by multiple managers or department teams. If so, find out whether the company will provide contacts or you’ll be expected to dig them up yourself. If your brochure is going to have one of their existing fliers tucked inside, you’ll want to know that from the start. Who, specifically, is the target audience for what I will write? If the company is fuzzy on this point, talk to sales staff about what they hear from customers, or arrange to spend a day going out on sales calls. Have you done any market research on your customers? Customers with a fondness for IM may want to message you instantly — around the clock. If you cherish your weekends off, make that clear and set your boundaries now. This is especially relevant if you’re blogging or writing articles for a company.

If they can’t figure it out even with your help, try to find a small initial project they’re willing to greenlight to get things moving. This client isn’t ready to assign anything, so politely wrap it up as fast as you can and ask if you can stay in touch. This is one of the most important metrics I use in setting my bid. Training a client who’s new to the whole process will be time-consuming. Getting them to speak first on price will help you avoid radically over- or underbidding. One of the best ways to cut the time you spend on a copywriting project is to read existing materials to learn what their marketing team likes. Ask managers what’s not working for them, so you can avoid putting more of the same in your copy. Extract every detail you can, down to what brand of coffee their customers drink.

Sure, they are still flirting in hallways and movie theaters but they are also flirting over text message, social media, and apps specifically designed for flirting and dating.

You’ve connected with a prospective client and you’re at your first meeting!

She can formulate answers and remember what you say, downloading and storing the information on a cloud. What do parents need to know and understand about these connected toys, smartphones, watches, tablets, etc before purchasing them?

And Barbie isn’t the only connected toy on the market, creating a need for parents to ask a lot more than just “can we remove the battery? One of the best things you can do before buying your child a connected toy or device is conduct some basic research online about the product. These documents will explain to you exactly what is being done with data collected during use of the devices, how to set privacy settings and the appropriate age for use.

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Instead of having a detailed discussion about the project at this initial meet, hungry copywriters often slump into desperation mode.

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