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Empathy continues without rest, it doesn’t go away. Empathic people are very strong, even though at times we feel so overwhelmed by it.

Thus, trying to shut it out can bring on emotional imbalance.

Once we realize it is that we fully understand another persons pain and emotions, that is when we become our strongest.

We no longer have to wonder why we feel their pains or emotions. Once it is understood, then we can get a hold on it.

Aesthetic pleasure may thus be explained as objectified self-enjoyment in which subject and object are fused.””For thousands of years people have been aware of the concept of empathy.Then we realize we are putting ourselves in their shoes. With today’s herbalist it makes sense about the plants, in how they find ways to use the plants for medicines.Empathy starts in childhood, and is carried throughout our lives. Yes plants have been used from the beginning of time, for our health and to nourish our bodies.(2003): Empathy is about spontaneously and naturally tuning into the other person’s thoughts and feelings, whatever these might be [...]There are two major elements to empathy.The first is the cognitive component: Understanding the others feelings and the ability to take their perspective [...] the second element to empathy is the affective component.

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