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Jim Baxford (Dominic Purcell) is a New Yorker with a stable job as an armored-car security guard.His wife (Erin Kapluk) is out of work, undergoing treatment for a brain tumor.His shockingly violent plan will shake the very foundations of society by painting the streets red with blood.Rampage is stylish from the cinematography straight down to his handheld camera work.If shootings were merely a matter of mental illness combined with lax gun control, then there would be almost as many shootings in Canada, where, as Michael Moore’s — by far the most financially successful film about school shootings — points out, gun ownership and ease of acquisition is similar.Yet despite the near predictable regularity of mass shootings in America, the media narrative typically zeroes in on the shooter’s individual madness.

The main distinction between media coverage of Tucson shooter Jared Lee Loughner, a diagnosed paranoid-schizophrenic, and of James Egan Holmes, the apparently well-adjusted, straight-A neuroscience Ph. candidate who shot up the screening in Aurora, Colorado, is that commentators openly call Loughner crazy while insinuating Holmes’s insanity. Interesting, isn’t it, how much he used adult websites and, perhaps, hired prostitutes?Wood worked in total obscurity, while Boll’s video-game films have received major distribution ( opened in more than 2000 theaters).Wood never learned how to make movies well, but Boll has progressed beyond complete incompetence.(Particularly awful are some fast-cutting shaky cam scenes inside the gas chambers.) But these are not Boll’s most interesting works.He is the only filmmaker interested in investigating the likelihood of a violent response to political powerlessness — mass shootings.

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