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So I offered her the best deal I could offer, two thousand dollars for the sword and 600 dollars to fuck her. Now I know there is some equestrian enthusiast in the area, but that type of clientele usually don’t make its way into my shop.

Note to self, don’t push a dumped girl, they go crazy and destroy things. I mean heck, she don’t even know me and she’s already wrecking my office!

Now, Derrick, I know you’re reading this cause I sent you a copy, but trust me man, you did the right thing breaking up with Kiley. And to show you there’s no hard feelings, I’m gonna up my offer that I made on the tape. When this little misses walks in carrying a whole lot of jacket.

First, I asked her name and she told me her name was Mariah.

This week, this chick came in to sell a set of paintball guns from a failed paintball business that her boyfriend had.

I could give two shits about some paintball guns, what I wanted from the moment she walked in was crack at that pussy.

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