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Nannalin accidentally make things more than it should and make hers friends misunderstand and think that Anggurt is crazy about them.

They go visit him repeatedly and Anggurt being a gentleman didn't deny their visit but instead he asked Charlie, his friend to help him but no use.

Ships traveling east to Yi Ti and lands beyond have to pass through the Jade Gates, also known as the Straits of Qarth because they are near and controlled by that city.

There weren't a lot of Asians in Yorkish England either.

That is not to suggest that such places don't exist, however.

The Lands of Ice and Fire map book confirms that Yi Ti is an immense nation, stretching around the northern coast of the Jade Sea.

Its western border is just a few hundred miles east of Qarth, on the opposite side of the immense Bone Mountains which run from the southern to northern coasts of Essos.

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