Sexually transmitted diseases college campus

Participants prepare and take part in workshops, as well as critique and deliver oral presentations, as they tell their own stories.

Prerequisite(s): ENL1813B and ENL1823B (or) ENL1813B and ENL1962.

Students also learn that environmental health is a prerequisite to human health.

An environmental citizen is committed to learning more about the environment and to taking responsible environmental action.

Theme 1: Arts in Society Download Course Outline ENL1725: Canadian Identity Canadian identity is challenging to define, but depictions of our multicultural society are found and explored in our writing.

Protecting heritage buildings requires an understanding of their histories and the principles of conservation shared by the preservation community.

Students acquaint themselves with a variety of building styles and traditional building techniques as they have evolved across the Canadian landscape.

To complete their experience, students create and annotate an outlet for their own text and symbol-based expression using a medium of their choice.

Download Course Outline ENL1798: Contemporary Canadian Issues A critical understanding of contemporary Canadian issues is essential to being an active member in our democratic society.

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