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In other words, it's fake.(By the way, the idea of a decomposition cam isn't unique to

Joey Skaggs included this concept in his Final cemetery hoax.

Skaggs's fantastical cemetery theme park was going to include a grave constructed by an artist named Joseph Sullivan that would show Sullivan's decomposing body on an above-ground monitor.) In The Netherlands there was a movie about this subject some years ago.

It was about a girl with terminal cancer, whose friends thought up the idea to put a camera into her coffin, to honour her.

I do have a morbid curiosity often and it would have surely been interesting to see a real process of decomposition. In the end I'm sure it's better that it was a fake. There are messageboards with comment from this from 2004- surely he's start to get black/ blue flesh or have some of that 'soapy- looking' deposit on him by now.

For sure it's fake.ummm- hate to tell ya'll, but it is a fake site..image has been up there for several years now, and somehow she has never changed...hmmm- embalmers can be good, but not that good! It's a great subject, but is not real, wouldnt be possible anyway, cameras need a certain environment in which to function, including either cables connecting it to a power source/etc. controlled conditions- this is not possible in a closed grave- sorry folks...a waste of webspace.

Sorry to disappoint anyone but its clearly a hoax though the idea to me has merit ....

And if you check out the website they alleged that this person died of natural causes. Hit file then save as in IE and then load up the pic called headcam1into a fresh run of IE.

You can see that it's an animated gif made to look like what a live cam feed would look like.

Self-proclaimed "Super-masochist" Bob Flanagan had hoped to actually pull this one off.

The folks over at See Me have engineered something rather unusual: a webcam set up inside a coffin so that you can see their friend's body decompose. The 'webcam image' appears simply to be an animated gif that cycles between a blurry and an in-focus image to simulate how a real webcam might behave.

Plus, they have rather odd sponsors for a project of this kind... I suppose the logic is that once you get tired of watching the dead girl (they say it's a woman in the picture), you can head over and watch some live sexy girls.

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