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He had made his mind up the first time she had teased him with her pale skin and Caucasian breasts, he would teach her just how superior he was to her in every respect.Sarah was going to learn to worship black meat, not treat it with disdain.She smiled again at the way her life had settled into the routine that she wanted ( adoring husband with a good job who pandered to her every need) as she made the final turn into the street in which she worked, passing the busy street caf where executives stoked up on designer coffees before facing the corporate day.

he opened his case and pulled out a large wad of cash.

She always favoured camisoles over bras, which she felt compromised the natural curve of her best assets-indeed ,she only ever wore bras for riding and other sporty activities ,allowing her fabulous chest to be the shape nature intended the rest of the time.

She wasnt an out and out exhibitionist, or at least that was what she told herself.

Leroy was a smart tail, and she never noticed him, not even when he followed her home to her smart 4 bed detached home in the suburbs in which she and Pete took so much pride.

Nor did Pete notice him as he clocked his journey to work one morning, and more importantly back home that evening, where he stopped at the same bar every evening for an hour Winston was especially excited this morning though-he felt a knot of anticipation in his muscular stomach as he watched Sarah disappear into her insurance building.

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