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You never get a break from ‘food’ when you are a mother. I try to ‘enjoy it when I can’t avoid it’ all the time, and cooking is not an exception.” ‘Enjoy it when I can’t avoid it’ has become her mindset not just in child rearing, but also in her work. I use my breaks to memorize lines so I don’t have to do it at home.

She tries not to think of her kids when she is at work, and not to think of her work when she is with her kids. When I can stay home all day, I play with them all day long instead.” That’s probably why her kids never bothered her even while working long weekends for a series.

Yoon had a brief stint as an idol group Eagle Five member back in the 1990s.

Kim Hee Sun Actress Kim Hee Sun and Park Ju Young got married in 2007.

Park's father is a Rak San Group CEO according to sources.

“I decided to enjoy it because I couldn’t avoid it. I’m very happy and at peace right now.” She tries to do her best in every opportunity.

She wants to be thankful, and to convey to the public her positive energy.

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The actress is going with the natural flow of her life.

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