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You can find all of the information you need about the camps on our website.

We will be hosting 2 Elite Prospect Camps this year. Camp will end the next day (Sunday June 25) at p.m. The staff will place campers in 2 leagues and groups based on ages and abilities.

June 22-23, 2017 Open to girls entering grades 9-12, sponsored by Colgate University and directed by Colgate coaches.

Come join Colgate Women's Basketball for two days of high intensity basketball training.

With a primary focus on run and movement mechanics and mastery of fundamental skills. K program as well as the Chip Smith Performance Systems patented M. These are invitation only programs conducted in small group or individualized settings to maximize effectiveness and focus on the skills necessary to prepare for the next level of play.See Our Recovery Room Rush Sports Performance is not a typical gym.The difference being that all of our training is conducted under the direct supervision of a Certified Performance Coach with programs designed and focused on youth fundamentals training, team training and building, collegiate athletic assistance programs, and specialty programs designed for adults first responders, wilderness athletes and more.Campers will work directly with Colgate Coaches, Players, and Support Staff in a fun filled and action packed 3 evenings. We will be hosting 2 Elite Prospect Camps this year. Camp will end the next day (Sunday, August 6) at p.m.Camp will conclude on Wednesday, August 2 with a brief awards ceremony. July 31 - August 4, 2017 Open to any and all boys and girls ages 8-17, sponsored by Colgate University and directed by Colgate coaches. The camp is open to all boys who are entering the grades 9- high school graduates. We are looking forward to yet another great year of basketball camps! Learn from top Collegiate, High School and AAU Coaches!

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Unrivaled by any other training facility in Arizona, Rush Sports Performance, powered by the Parisi Speed School of Phoenix, is proud to bring to you, its newest flagship facility.

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