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’ In the column, she repeats the smear in the headline, calling me a ‘eugenicist’ – again, the implication being that I’m some kind of neo-Nazi.

It even dug up a blog post by one of the attendees in which he tried to justify child rape. Needless to say, this article has led to a deluge of grotesque smears, on everything from the Canary to Russia Today.That’s the kind of reasoning that leads to people being no-platformed on university campuses.In an article for the Guardian, the University of Montreal conference, where I did actually speak, is described as ‘similar’ to the UCL conference. It was a super-respectable, three-day affair held at the Montreal Neurological Institute.I had not met any of the other people in the lecture room before, save for Dr Thompson, and was unfamiliar with their work.I was completely ignorant of what had been discussed at the same event in previous years.

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