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I've just cleared the ssl_fingerprint in favour of /set "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt" as per the Arch wiki and have successfully reconnected, but I'll keep an eye on it to make sure it keeps working.

I'm pretty sure I'd set this previously before having successfully connected, and I'm just wondering now if the the previous successful connection with the fingerprint is somehow cached, preventing it from failing.

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So as long as you have installed proper CA roots, the weechat ssl connection will validate correctly without explicit fingerprint.

If the client you programmed allows users to write a message through a supplied interface (e.g. NOTE: If you want to register your own nickname, after you've connected to the IRC type in Installing Weechat Client (via Matt Mascarenhas) Handmade.

There's more involved, such as the concept of channels, operators, and queries, but that's the general gist of this chat mechanism. Type in or some such memorable name. Change the value of newserver/6667 to 5. If this is your first encounter with Wee Chat then you will want to install at the very least, to make navigating between buffers more pleasant: Do you really need to set ssl_fingerprint with weechat?

Per tradition, people ask Network List from the top menu. My understanding is that weechat will verify certificate chain automatically.

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