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To view it, your users must be online and connected to Office 365. This should give you more of an idea about online archiving: Use retention policies to automatically archive messages.If they click a message, it downloads, but when they quit Outlook the cache is deleted. And before you say "this is an executive" or "this is a high traffic shared mailbox", neither of those phrases is a magic elixir that exempts anyone from needing better mail data management. :-) I'm with the Moose on this one - that level is insane, and I personally could care less about a client that can't manage emails better than that.*edit - sorry, wasn't geared at the OP personally - just hate this sort of "problem" which is nothing more than babysitting... There are some things that technology can't solve.

Enable this feature as you configure the email accounts in Outlook. Also, take advantage of Office 365's Online Archive feature, which works with Outlook 2016.I also try to push people - especially more senior level staff - to have a semiannual email clean-up day. Unfortunately I can't tell or teach end-users anything since I'm not directly involved in communicating with individuals.I was simply looking to see if anyone has a solution outside of shrinking a mailbox.Your Exchange Online or Office 365 administrator can set policies to move undeleted messages to an archive mailbox that will also appear in Outlook.The beauty of this is that mailbox is never synced to the client.

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