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Go Unlimited is the cheaper of the unlimited plans, aimed at users that don't necessarily need the fastest performance at all times or high-quality video streaming.

The Go Unlimited plan offers unlimited LTE data, but you're subject to reduced speeds (throttling) when the network is congested.

Verizon may choose to throttle at any time of the billing cycle, which is unlike most other unlimited plans that only do so after a certain amount of data is used.

On Go Unlimited, all video streaming is capped at 480p on phones and 720p on tablets.

But as introverts, we sometimes feel misunderstood.

We wish you could visualize what’s going on inside our brains—you might be surprised!

Beyond Unlimited is basically Verizon's original unlimited plan with some slight tweaks.

The Beyond Unlimited plan offers unlimited LTE data, but you're subject to reduced speeds (throttling) at times of network congestion if you exceed 22GB in a billing cycle (customers that sign up on a two-year contract get 25GB per month before throttling).

That's important for power users as well as anyone who uses their mobile broadband internet as their sole way to stay in touch or for entertainment.And of course, zero-rating means we have to pay attention to what unlimited means when it comes to the quality of streaming media as well as the source.We took a look at what each carrier has to offer so we can decide who delivers the very best unlimited data package.Here are six illustrations of what it’s like to be in our heads.Let’s keep our discussions reflective, productive, and welcoming.

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