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In 2005, the West Coast Choppers founder, now 47, tied the knot with Bullock, now 52, after meeting her while she was touring the set of his Discovery Channel show, Monster Garage.

Shortly after Bullock’s Oscar win for The Blind Side in 2010, several women came forward and claimed that James had had affairs with them.

Also, the job I’m expecting to jump to will be in a male dominated field with a very strong/necessary social aspect to it.

Is there a way to shut this stuff down before it starts while still being open to friendships?

In 2013, James got married for the fourth time to drag racer Alexis De Joria and said it made him realize why his past marriages never worked.

“I was like, I’m just going to be that old dude who’s single now and never finds anybody else, and then it’s like, There she is,” he said. But I guess that’s how you learn, you know.” The Monster Garage star was also previously married to Karla James, from 1991 to 2002, and they share daughter Chandler, 22, and son Eli, 19.

I’ve been here for about a year and I’ll probably be leaving for a new job very far away in a few months. I wouldn’t think that what I’ve been dealing with was legally actionable as harassment (I am a lawyer!

I’m wondering if there’s a tactful way to suggest to the heads of the department on my way out that they might want to run some harassment (or interpersonal? ), but it’s annoying and I think some sort of training or something might be able to stamp it out.

“The easy [put-down] is like, ‘Oh well, you cheated on Sandra Bullock.’ That’s the world’s easiest comeback,” he said. “You learn what’s important – that that whole fame thing is not really …Things like my supervisor telling me I looked hot with my hair up in a ponytail, or a team lead asking me not to join his group for lunch because it would make his ex-girlfriend, who eats with them, unhappy because she knows he likes me. Is there a way to suggest some sort of training in such a way that it doesn’t get anyone in trouble?Am I crazy for thinking this is even an issue that needs to be dealt with?Yes, the main two leads are portrayed by A-list actors, but that's just about it. i really do love this drama ever , i dont know how to say it but i do really appreciate all the cast here that did a great job . it's full of amazing actors..(especially so ji sub) . Hope they will become a couple in real life tooooooo................sad that i have finished watching all the episodes It would be nice to see a short part two of this drama. Monotonous dialogues, awkward moments, strange lapses, and no depth to some situations. ) things, my coworkers recommended me the series to got good laugh. well finally was able to finish the series today , and I never liked min ah ever since but I admit she was cute here hehe and credit to that Korean snake and that cf queen , I was thrilled with their share of charm . I have loved you since cain and abel , you always are a great actor indeed , so much charming here ..Sung Hoon (MMA fighter) is the only actor that did not look fake in Oh My Venus. I just don't like that there was too much flashbacks. However in this drama, if you add all the flashbacks together, it could probably be equivalent to 1 whole episode. I never really get disappointed in any Shin Min-ah & So Ji-sub filmography. What I really love about most of the scenes with the leads is that they make it look romantic and cheesy, but it's kind of embarrassing I guess when they were filming it because it looks too cheesy, but my Venus, I'm satisfied with the cheesyness. The chemistry of the leads was wasted on this series. I do love you guys..ji sub i fall in love with you .more drama for you ,,romcom .are a great couple so ji sub and shin min ah..fighting From philippines I have watched all 16 episodes over and over again. I read all the subtittles and will continue to do so. It was not only funy and romantic but also very good in showing how to loose weight Ina healthy manner and have a healthy lifestyle. The synopsis held so much promise but except for the actors and acting, Oh My Venus was...indeed uneventful. I thought it will be boring because of mixed review here..I absolutely love it..chemistry between So Ji Sub and Shi Min Ah are very very good...the writer want to send us the message..... Not an award worthy but so much worthy for entertaining and got fun with the main characters. and dunno if it is just me but I don't really like that guy always calling min ah "Ma'am" he is so irritating , I think he went over hi role pretty much than what is needed ..

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